Operating a fair business

The company is aware that conducting business with integrity and honesty By adhering to social responsibility and all groups of stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance principles to ensure that the company Have a policy, determine responsibilities, guidelines And appropriate operation requirements

By giving importance to various groups of stakeholders All groups of customers, creditors, competitors, as well as employees and executives of the company shall be treated fairly and equally. Such as procurement of products as promised with customers Responsible to customers in terms of product quality And providing after sales service and keeping customers’ confidential information. And adhering to good competition rules with competitors.

1. Shareholders and investors
The company is committed to conducting business in order to create maximum satisfaction and benefits for shareholders. And investors, and has a policy to support equal rights for shareholders and investors in receiving information about the company In a transparent and reliable manner

2. Employees
The company attaches great importance to and cares for its employees. Employees are treated fairly in terms of welfare, compensation, environment and work safety. And employee health As well as having a policy on employee development for employees to have expertise And can be adapted to work more efficiently

3. Customers
The company attaches importance to the production of quality and standard products for customers. Because the company has a policy that “quality is the first Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance “by conducting customer satisfaction surveys in order to improve the quality and service to the best. We are committed to product development, machinery, staff, product transportation systems. Research to improve product quality In addition, the company Conduct business with honesty and attach great importance to the confidentiality of each customer in accordance with business ethics In order to build a good relationship between the company and customers, allowing to run a long and sustainable business

4. Business partners or creditors
The company treats trade partners or creditors fairly and equally for both parties. By complying with trade terms and conditions and taking into account the best interests of the company. The trade partners or creditors will receive payment or receive products according to the agreement on time and treated equally. The company will not default or refuse payment without necessity.