Message from the president

          Year 2019 is a difficult year for the world economic. As part of the economic, we can’t hide away from these challenges. Thai GDP growth rate for 2019 is 2.4% compare to 4.1% from 2018. And the registration rate of motorcycle has decrease 3.4%. The farmers Income has decreased as well. Despite the recession of Thai economic, we still record a growth of revenue of 7.09% and push our net profit to increase 24.64%.

          We had start implant our management strategy since our involvement of HFT from 2018. And the strategy has state to show its effectiveness. We will keep our direction and looking forward for a brighter future with providing welfare to employees as strategies for achieving sustainability.

         While writing this message, around the word is facing a COVID-19 crisis which the company couldn’t avoid from such furious challenging issue. We hope to be able to overcome this crisis with the minimize impact with the support from you.

         I, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the management team would like to thank you to customers, business partners, shareholder, employees and all relevant parties which participate in part of business to achieve the good results and hopefully that all of you to believe in the company’s development business strategy and continue to be a part of the company always.

2019 has been a difficult year for the global economy. The company is part of the economy and thus cannot avoid these challenges. Thailand’s GDP in 2019
was 2.4%, compared to 4.1% from 2018, and a 3.4% drop in motorcycle registration rates. Farm income was also declining. Despite the economic recession in
Thailand, the Company still saw a 7.09% increase in revenues and a 24.64% increase in net profit.

We have begun to cultivate the company’s management strategy. It has since been involved in management since 2018 and the strategy has shown its
effectiveness. We will continue to operate in our direction with our determination to continue forward for a brighter future, Including providing welfare for
employees to help achieve sustainability goals

As I am writing this message All over the world are faced with a COVID-19 crisis, which the Company could not avoid from such a serious challenge. We hope to be able to overcome this crisis and go through it with minimal impact with the support of everyone.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management Thank you to customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and all related parties for participating in the Company’s business. That has helped and encouraged good results And hope that everyone will believe in the Company’s business strategy And continue to be a part of us

Mr. Shen, Guo-Jung

Chairman of the Board