Energy Conservation Project

1. Energy Conservation Group
The company recognizes the value and importance of efficient use of energy resources for the greatest benefit. The team emphasizes on energy conservation
practices by dividing into electrical energy group and heat energy group so that all employees can be part of energy conservation to optimize the resource and
meet company saving energy goal.

2. Principles of Energy Conservation Group
The Company strongly committed to efficiently using resources in its operations and manufacturing activities. We divided conservative teams into electrical energy
group and heat energy group. Our company is also honored by US energy conservative experts to visit energy management and give advice for optimized energy use

3. Activities related to energy conservation The energy conservation group had been divided into 3 sub-groups as follows: 1.Electricity Conservation Group 2. Water Resource Conservation Group 3. Wind Energy Conservation Group – Last year, the company came up with energy saving in lighting system projects. We replaced 46-watt fluorescent light bulbs to 20-watt LED light bulbs and replaced 250-watt Mercury-vapor lamp with a 100-watt LED light, which could reduce unnecessary energy consumption – Reduced air conditioner’s thermal unit from 36,000btu to 30,000btu. – Installed a ventilation system, which moves outdoor air into a building and distributes the air within the building. It removes pollutants and allergens. As a result, air quality is enhanced and building environment is cooler. – Recycle condensate water from BOM machines for manufacturing purposes – Installed a cooling tower automatic control system – The company assigned staff to handle waste separation and disposal – Use energy from natural gas (NGV) instead of fuel oil to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. – Increase the planting of trees in factories and offices to provide employees with good weather and to help reduce global warming. – Organize a committee to check energy use during breaks and after work – Measure the quality of boiler funnel in accordance with the law twice a year. – Provide training from energy conservation experts on awareness in energy conservation to the employees – Organize various campaigns for employees regarding to energy conservation so they can recognize the importance of energy use and create unity in organization. The campaign includes board presentation competition and other activities – Hold a meeting to summarize the energy consumption index and find solutions to optimize them every month with energy saving review at the end of the year 4. Additional Projects The energy conservation group has succeeded many projects. The company can reduce heat energy and electricity consumption including 300 Hp water cooler screw compressor installation, seal of tube mold replacement, steam cable insulating to reduce heat loss, replacing the air compressor motor from Standard to Premium, installing water preheater to increase water temperature into the Boiler. As a result, the company achieved certain point of energy savings goal.